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Machan by manjumymanji

mayoini in otome_no_bara

Hello my dear fellow Novala admirers! :)
Since I will be busy for at least one more week, I cannot post any translations soon, but please post your own, or maybe scans or info about Novala. Scans from the latest Gothic Lolita Bibles would be wonderful! Please feel free to make your own posts anytime! ^^
As soon as possible, I will post next part of Missin translation!

BTW, did you know Novala has a band called DRAWERS? :) I wonder what they sound like!


drawers? like underwear? xDDDDD
Probably yes! He mentioned it on his www before the arrest and there was a note that said:
" 2008.01.28 DRAWERS Restart First Live !"
Apparently they had a hiatus and are now back. ;3

And in his diary from march 1st he wrote:
DRAWERSの初ライヴとか(来てくれた人、あんがとね! ギターはまだ下手糞だがそれなりに弾けてただろ?)

"(I was busy with) DRAWERS' first live concert! To people who came, thank you! I still suck at playing guitar, but bit I somehow made it, don't you think?"


This is so weird. I just had a dream last night about going to Novala's gig! 8D I had no idea his band is (was?) called DRAWERS, though... XDDDDD
Also yes please, scans from GLB 28! ;333;
I would also love to see them! Someone please post them~~~~ *^^*
I couldn't wait for Novala to reappear in lolita world officially. :3
I can totally imagine Novala playing in a punk band!!! :D
Can you?? I'm having tiny problems... xD
Yeah, the scan says he was singing! :D
Haha, it'd be terrible if they performed in drawers only (O_O')
And someone wrote that Novala wrote somethign for GLD 28, so I'd like to see it! ^^

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