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Novala x Baby the stars shine bright Lucky Pack?!

There will be a Baby X Novala colabo lucky pack in Paris, from what I understood! Can anyone confirm this?? Baby Paris blog says:

serre-tete, JSK, T-shirt. 3 articles sont dedans.

le choix de couleur est
Pink, Creme, Noir et Blanc, Noir et Noir.


Whatever that means... xD There will be 3 items, a JSK, a tshirt and a head-band (thanks skobedo), and the available colors will be pink, cream (off-white), black & white and 100% black. (*_*)
It sounds really interesting, the price is 80euro = approximately 126usd = 13,000yen!
Is anybody planning to get it or has more information? (Like release date ^^)

I'm so happy to see Novala and Baby are doing colabo designs again. :)
And he's back in Gothic Lolita Bible! I can't wait for the scans!
(Blew all my money on shoes, so I can't buy the new GLBs... *sigh*)

There is also another promotion of Novala at Baby stores in Japan:
嶽本野ばら×BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT コラボのキュートな特製ポストカード付き!
2008.03.27(THU) in STORE
1470yen 小学館・刊
If you buy his new book "Taima", you will get a special Novala X Baby postcard. :3


defkjbfkjb would anyone do a shopping service for me for one of these lucky packs??
I second that!
fourthed xD
Yea! I'm happy to know that Novala and baby are working together again. Oh the serre-tete is a headband, I think.
Thanks, I'll edit the post with your translation then. :3
omg, want!!! anyone doing a shopping service???
me too, we can do a group order!!
lol i needs one! i love the novala colaboration stuff anyway x
Haha, try contacting addictive_sugar, she offered to do a shopping service - if there will be any left! :o
I'm so happy that Baby and Novala are colaborating again! :)

Hopefully now that he is back in people's positive opinion, they will publish the sequel to Shimotsuma Monogatari here in the states.
Whoa! Did they already start selling them? I think it says only 5 left ;_;

I'm glad there's so much Novala again :D
yup, only 5 left indeed.
If there's any left / if you can get another, I definitely majorly want. Probably too late, but I'm very interested if not.
sorry, they were basically sold out yesterday evening already cuz all those which were left had been reserved through email lol. and there was apparently nothing Novala about them, my friend got the all black one with an Ice Cream print cutsew and katyusha and a plain black JSK...
For reals? xD Then why was it posted as Novala * Baby lucky pack??
simply a wrong labeling on the blog, i guess +shrug+
You can email them, I did it for the Bunny earmufflers and all went perfect.
it's nice to hear something from novala!
Whoa, triumphant comeback by Novala. I figured he was gone for good.
It's not "Timer" it's "Taima" - marijuana. ;)
And it's not a set, it's one postcard - it's got the usakumya on it, the same design as that mug they released. Unclear why it's a Novala-related design, except that it's in the Novala book and the usakumya places a lot in the book. But the design itself is just Baby.
LOL, I see, what an interesting title.... xD
Hmm, weird, maybe it's just double promotion?
Hmm, but at least it means Baby already forgot Novala's sins... ;)

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