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Novala: Love or Hate!

Hello and Happy New Year everybody!
Recently there was a discussion about Mana in egl. Takemoto Novala is also controversial, many people dislike him and make fun of him, others love him, many are interested in him~ Why do you think he's so controversial? How did You come to know him & his works? Let use this topic to get to know each other better! Please speak out~ ^^
PS. I'm planning to do a GLB interview translation, so please wait patiently! *^^*

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[ i've only recently begun reading novala's works, so correct me if i'm wrong ]

i found out about novala & his works while doing doing some random research about the history of lolita, and i really enjoyed them.

i think what people might react to is that many of his works are about a "lolita lifestyle" & that he has a somewhat fixed idea of what a lolita should be like, which might not apply to all those who enjoy the fashion.
then again, he does often stress that there is no set of rules for lolitas, & that a lolita needs to be an independent thinker... so i suppose i'm rather unsure why people would find him controversial


I think he's mainly controversial because of the drug arrest. That aside, the most controversy I see on both Mana and Novala's behalf is lack of understanding who they are and their works. I see people bashing both of them for things that aren't true. Sometimes I see people from one fandom calling the other a scary old man who wears dresses (from both sides), which is amusingly ironic. XD

Another reason may be the obsessive fans. From the Mana side I hear complaining that people will bash them for liking Mana, but it's OK to have an icon of Novala's tummy.

I don't understand where these "strict rules on how to act and dress as a lolita" come from. Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze girls) had a character who was lolita who followed her own rules (as well as Momoko plus the yankee [life]style), and that's what the movie was basically about.

I'm not lolita, but I can still enjoy Novala's works, because he seems to focus more on appealing to those who are made "outcasts" in society (or have interests in what most people regard as "weird", such as lolita). Reading his works is like "Wow there are other people out there who feel the same way I do!", so we don't have to feel so alone and different.

And I found Novala and his works from the Gothic and Lolita bible.
"I don't understand where these "strict rules on how to act and dress as a lolita" come from. Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze girls) had a character who was lolita who followed her own rules (as well as Momoko plus the yankee [life]style), and that's what the movie was basically about."

Most lolitas say that they have seen Shimotsuma Monogatari, I wonder if they watch it just because it is "rori" (??)... They don't seem to get the sense of it.

I would like to watch it one day. I would not watch it because I am lolita, but I like the sense of the movie you talk about ^^.
I liked the biker character too, she said she didn't like the way the biker group was after the leader left, so decided to be a biker by herself than change her principles to fit in (because they as bikers were outcasts in society, so they should know better than to act like the people that outcast them!). That's why she looked up to the lolita, because she followed that principle from the beginning.

That's kind of like how lolitas will complain about how average people on the street harass them, but then they turn around and harass other lolitas/people from other subcultures for what they wear. :/

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I agree with everything you wrote here! Applauses! *^^*
Your use of english looks great to me (it's a second languuage to me), it'd be great if you would post some translations (if possible). ^^

But then again, Momoko was mean and she wasn't even looking for lolita friends. But, at least she didn't go to on line forums to make catty comments, she was so isolated in her own world, she wouldn't even think of it. I think that's a good attitude, not the best there is, but better than being bitter - it doesn't suit a lolita at all! xD
I'm planning on working on the translation from the gothic and lolita bible (His interview with Mana and Mihara Mitsukaz), though I'm always so busy with school it takes a looonnnggg time for me^^; I've been working on this alice kobayashi interview for a few months, a little bit at a time when I have free time.

I think her personality and upbringing (seeing her mom having to survive on other people) made her that way. She told herself that she didn't want to grow up and be pathetic like her mother, so she would just live alone and independently, only relying on herself, to stay strong.
I found out about Novala via my interest in Kamikaze Girls. I felt silly for not realizing that I'd already seen several photos of him in GLBs, but I was also pretty new to lolita at the time. I found him to be a fascinating person, and spent a lot of time dredging up what little information I could find online.

I think that like Mana, people are more freaked out by Novala's fans than by the man himself. A lot of people take Novala's words as gospel (though strangely, it seems like the people who use Novala to justify their ideas of what a lolita is are often people who haven't actually read much of his writing). And I suppose not everybody agrees with what he writes. There was a recent lolita secret calling his statements about how a lolita doesn't need friends bullshit. But like girlknees said, Novala himself stresses that he's not the voice of lolita and he doesn't make the rules. I don't totally agree with all that he writes, but I respect a lot of it.

I love Novala because he's not afraid to be ridiculous. His photoshoots are always silly and he writes about topics suited to teenage girls rather than grown men, and he's perfectly okay with that.
i read some translations of his work, and I love what he is writing. i love this clothing designs and IMHO it's ok that he used drugs.... many artists do this ;) and I don't care XD
Many of the artist and so called artist in the USA (mostly) do it quite openly and no concequences! It only shows how harhs japanese law and police is, when they finally do something, they announce it and boast about it, to make others respect them. Plus the caught one is a popular writer.... Ahh, poor Novala! And I can't blame him, everybody around the world has tried drug A or B, and especially japanese youth, and club-goers, I saw it. Japanese people say "there are no drugs in Japan" or "the drugs were smuggled from USA".... WEll, then deny the truth everyone can see. ;P Poor Novala. :i
Oh, I think every artist is an artist because of something. I have seen lots of people fighting to see who's better: Mana or Novala. I think both are great. It becomes a problem when fangirls start those fights. "Novala is weird, he sometimes dresses like a girl in the Gothic & Lolita Bibles and looks really ugly blah, blah, blah", "Mana's music and make-up is awful. I think he wants money blah, blah, blah". I think all that rant, all those hate communities for them are in vane, because artists are all great; even if you don't understand their music/illustrations/writings, there will be always somebody that will like it :)

I think I extended this a lot, sorry! *giggles*. Great community, by the way :]
Ah, I'm trying to imagine a fright about who's better, but I can't... xD They're completely different and they are not even rivals. LOL

And thank you very much. I'm happy you decided to join! *^^*
I found Novala through Shimotsuma Monogatari and the lolita community in general. I really enjoy all of his writings that I have had a chance to read, I don't agree with everything but then I don't think he expects us too.

He's controversial in the west because the current lolita community will find a reason to argue and cause drama about just about anything. A japanese man who wears headdresses and writes about what a maiden should be and who has just been arrested is a prime target I'm afraid.
Ah, possible, there can be drama about anyhting... I was actually afraid to post an invitation to otome_no_bara in egl, because I didn't want to cause drama... ^^; But fotunately people who are interested joined and the ones who can only say mean things about Novala stayed quiet. :D

Actually many of the characters in his books are another versions of the writer, especially in a book called "Lolita" I think, and he wrote about taking so much sleeping medicine and taking it with alcohol (for a faster effect), or about sex, that after reading you just come to realize, he's a normal man. (Who likes girls' fashion, is an expert in MILK, lolita nad Vieivienne Westwood and seems much asexual, but still, normal human being.) The arrest was sad, and it made someone organize a "stoner loli" community.... (O_o') I think lolita and smoking has nothing to do with each other, but... uh.. okay I guess. ^^;
I was talking with japanese women in their 40ties, and I said I like Novala's books and the way he thinks, and one of them was like "Oh, I saw him on TV, eww, he's so weird! Haha!" and it was all turned itnto a funny things to laugh at, there's a weird person ion Japan and one girl in Europe said he likes him, so funny! *sarcasm* That was really strange. xD

I came to know Novala from Gothic Lolita Bible, then I bought the english translation of Shimotsuma, and decided to get more books in japanese, I'm slowly reading new ones since then. I think I saw the movie about a year after it was out... But I still enjoyed it! I actually have it on my iPod if I need to watch something... xD
I think many many people asume, Novala is all about the first five minutes of the movie (And the beginning of the book), that the perfect girl eats only cookiec and likes in imaginary Rococo era. But I agree with sakinokoru_bara, the thing he praised most and was the theme in that books, what Momoko and Ichifo's strong will and passion, to be this or that, and to be "it" in a pure form, they thought was best. *^^*
The arrest I found about when I came back from summer holiday, was scary, I was afraid he'd stop writing, but fortunately he won't! *sigh* So relieved! :3

PS. Besides to me Novala is a writer with very interesting taste and style, but his books are not only about lolita, actually there are many different topics, I bet many lolitas would be shocked to read about sex, mental illness, drugs, many misunderstood characters in his books. He even complained that the label "otome charisma" is stuck with him and he's limited by it and must be careful. (In "Lolita"). Hah, Novala is a great writer!

/too long, sorry!!
I came to know of Novala through the English translation of Shimotsuma Story and the message of the story really appealed to me in a way that no story had in quite some time. I began seeking out other translations of his works and while I don't agree with everything he says, I can feel a lot of the stuff he writes and I'd like the chance to read other novels written by him someday *is really regretting not taking Japanese instead of Spanish like she wanted to in middle school*
I personally adore Novala, I first heard about him when I started researching the movie Kamikaze Girls after I read a review of it in the local paper. I find his works very beautiful and inspiring, my favorite one being "Morning Decadance". I simply love how he describes things so beautifully. :)
Too bad I can't read Japanese :P
Occidental lolitas will bash on everything that claims lifestyle is part of lolita. It's only because of that. I love Novala. I'd go as far as to say that he sorta saved my life with his writings, at a time where I lost everything, I hung up on his lolita philosophy and that gave me hope.

Those "fashion" lolitas can go smoke their jays and I'll enjoy some tea. XD

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